Uploading and Managing Your App

The App Engine Python SDK includes a command for interacting with App Engine named appcfg.py.


A little bit of configuration is required.

  1. Open app.yaml, administration.yaml, dispatch.yaml and set the application property appropriately, like below: application: your-app-id.
  2. Upload administration interface (see below Uploading Administration Interface).
  3. Upload application into cloud (see below Uploading the App).


To upload application files, run the appcfg.py command with the update action and the name of your application's root directory. The root directory should contain the app.yaml file for the application.

Uploading Administration Interface

appcfg.py update administration.yaml

Uploading the App

appcfg.py update ./

appcfg.py gets the application ID from the app.yaml automatically. You can also override the ID using the -A <app_id> option.