Dozens of Reasons Why to Choose NOTIF.cms

Secure and Protected as a Bank

Google App Engine
  • Application is installed directly to your Google account.
  • Your websites are free within a usage quota which is reset daily.
  • App Engine applications are easy to maintain, easy to scale as your traffic and data storage needs change.
  • Google’s backbone network makes your website more globally available.
  • Integrated DoS attack protection.
  • You can choose whether your website will run on US or EU servers.
  • You simply deploy and run your new website.
  • Using only one Google account is enough for all your websites.
  • Easy access management for other users.
  • Our CMS is created to handle multi-language websites.
  • Responsive control panel.
  • Professional WYSIWYG editor for creating the content.
  • Easy arranging of items in the menu, images in the gallery, files and blocks due to Drag&Drop.
  • Create your templates according to the kind of content and enjoy them on your websites.
  • Content is arranged into a tree structure, from which the menu is automatically generated.

Find Your Web Easily

Find Your Web Easily
  • Websites are so Search engine friendly.
  • Easy management Meta tags.
  • Tips for your templates.
  • Canonical URL.
  • Customize your slug.